Dr. Fred L. Hodge, Jr.

From her humble beginnings in Corpus Christi, Texas, to being the CEO of Living Praise Christian Center in multiple locations in Southern California, Pastor Linda Hodge has a plethora of life experiences to share. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, pastor, author, and the founder of Women of Virtue and Excellence Network (affectionately known as WOVEN). Linda serves as a wonderful example of how God can take a life that is drifting and give it direction and purpose. In this book, she reveals life-transforming principles that brought her to the place of success she holds today.
This book provides powerful tools and practical guidance to help real people, in today’s world, to break through whatever barriers they encounter, while reaching for the most fulfilling, prosperous, and authentic life possible. Linda believes that every woman has the potential to win in life; that she should acknowledge and embrace the gift of life as an opportunity to cultivate herself to be the best she can be. The title of this book is indicative of the transformation that will take place in a woman’s life through diligence and hard work – no matter what social economic status you hold. By reading Woman Under Construction, you will be inspired to take the limits off yourself and press forward to higher achievements, and fulfilments in life.
It is a truth, that one year from now, your life will change for the better or the worse: It will not stay the same. Why not take this journey with Linda, and build upon the foundations of life God has afforded you? Any effort to implement these principles will produce change for the better. Get ready to advance to your next dimension of womanhood as you embrace each chapter, and know that you are a woman under construction!

Dr. Fred L. Hodge, Jr.
Senior Pastor, Founder,
Living Praise Christian Center


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