We all have visions of what’s considered a “dream home.” Your palatial haven may be a multi-million-dollar estate in Beverly Hills, featuring an infinity pool, vaulted ceilings, massive bedrooms, and a small putting green. Those seeking solace from city life, can appreciate the 5-acre ranch-style home with its stately, front porch and dramatic brick exterior. Or, maybe you prefer the two-bedroom bungalow with oceanfront views of the Fiji islands.
Well, the house that my husband and I purchased, in my humble opinion, was the cream of the crop. It seemingly surpassed the multitude of requirements we desired in a residence. The laundry list of amenities ran like a scene from the TV show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous©. You could find a spiral staircase leading to vast bedrooms the size of studio apartments. The second-story balconies had breathtaking views. A striking crystal chandelier dangled from the towering ceiling above our formal dining room. Outdoors, you could see a massive pool and spa, as well as a barn for raising chickens. We also had a lighted tennis court, and two garages – one for cars and another for an RV. My husband and I just knew we had purchased the perfect house to spend our twilight years.
However, our extravagant dream home turned into a pathetic money pit with monstrous construction problems. The entire roof needed to be replaced. Through a series of endless power outages, we discovered that our electrical system was an intricate web of wrong wiring set all over the house. Plumbing became a serious crisis. We had backed-up pipes that a “snake” couldn’t clear, which led to a disturbing leak from the upstairs master bedroom down to the kitchen. And, when it was really cold one winter, the pipes froze and busted, destroying both garages. What a mess!
While views from the balcony were indeed spectacular, severe water damage on the balcony’s foundation prevented us from enjoying the sight. Water leakage also extended to the downstairs’ sitting room ceiling. Although our pool and spa offered tranquility, plaster started peeling from the sides and bottom of the pool. So, now we were facing the prospect of fixing the pool as well. Cracks on the tennis court’s floor covering called for desperate intervention. To top it off, my pitiful barn became a makeshift morgue – infested with live and dead birds.
I know you may be wondering why in the world I would purchase a home with so many defects. Well, it was a beautiful house filled with stunning potential. There was a magnificent Southern charm.  And I, being raised in the South, always had a natural attraction to Colonial-style homes. My abode, in particular, reminded me of a mini-version of the White House. The colossal waterfall in front of the house contributed to the stately charisma. Gigantic multi-colored pillows speckled along the front lounge furnishings helped create a regal ambiance. Our porch was a true veranda, extending across the entire front of the house, where we could easily entertain 50 people. With its enormous doors, the entrance always felt as if I was walking into a palace. Truly, this was a girl’s dream home, especially one who loved fluted trim detail. My home was elegance at its finest – if you were a visionary.
Naturalists appreciated the glorious trees surrounding the sprawling two acres. Each season would see new blossoms – a bonus view for any homeowner, and inviting sight for visitors as well. You could hear and see birds chirping in the trees. It was a genuine oasis, where my hubby and I could escape the responsibilities of a busy, but most enjoyable life we shared together. This was a gorgeous home full of enormous potential. But the repair costs far outweighed the long-term value.
Plain and simple: it was only a house. A home built by the hands of man. A dwelling erected from cheap, decaying material. And because the foundation of the residence wasn’t constructed properly, it could potentially cost an excessive amount of money to repair and reconstruct. Unfortunately, the restoration fees began to prevail over the personal value of the house. We decided we had to readjust the worth of the residence in our hearts and mind. Through painstaking deliberation, we chose to lessen the price of the home and made the decision to cut our losses.
Your values, whatever they are, act as a compass, forever guiding you to your ultimate destiny.
This book will equip you with the TOOLS that you need to firm up your foundation. Webster® defines the word foundation as being; the basis on which a thing stands, is founded, or is supported; provisions for future maintenance.
The Word of God will be the blueprint as we explore various materials required to ensure a steady, strong and secure foundation. As a “Woman Under Construction,” you will be outfitted with the instruments required to examine your life. Every woman, whether married, single, or divorced needs a few minor adjustments here and there. You have only scraped the surface of your potential. Upon completion of this, “woman’s life manual to success,” you will be inspired to take the limits off your real potential.
A successful life is achieved through continual progression, as well as deliberate and premeditated changes. In order for a house to be maintained, it occasionally needs minor maintenance repairs, due to simple wear and tear, as well as environmental conditions. The reality is that every woman experiences difficult times. Yes, we courageously juggle, while attempting to wear many “hats” through the various seasons of our lives. But, this multi-tasking takes a toll on us emotionally, socially, financially, physically and relationally. Whew! Thankfully, there is help behind these pages.
I would like for you to take an empowering journey with me.
You may have experienced tremendous pain in your life. Possibly, each morning, you already awake to face a few regretful decisions. Maybe, you are gripped by life’s disappointments of a failed marriage, or are disappointed in your own career. This was not how I expected my life to turn out. Perhaps, you are still living in the past, and unable to see your new and bright future – because you are blinded by your mistakes! Don’t give up.
The pathway to change happens on the inside! Change is unnoticeable at first to the naked eye. Layers of disorientation have kept your mind in a place of hopelessness and defeat. But, between the covers of this book, you will experience “movement” in your life. I have created a pathway to transformation. Throughout these pages, I will be your “builder” and “coach,” carefully cheering you toward the finish line. Stay with me on this road. You are preparing to embark upon a better and hopeful future! Matter of fact, I see your future and it is already looking brighter.  Let’s proceed to becoming a “Woman Under Construction.”


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