Hey Pastor Linda. I read the book – AMAZING!!! It’s like a counseling session without the couch. It was really eye-opening for me personally. Your book has unveiled me layer-by-layer and rebuilt me back! This is life-changing! It won’t be a typical “read” and put on the shelf. Your book is something that I will continually read! And, I’m sending one to my best friend.

Kris Harris

“Spectacular delivery of such a relevant message that speaks to women from all walks of life. This book not only uplifts the woman in need of  a restructured life, but it also feeds the soul with rich, spiritual food! After reading Woman Under Construction, you are spiritually full and renewed.  At the same rate, you’re hungry for the next book!”

I love you friend!!!

I just wanted to post my response after reading “Women Under Construction.” I loved it!

Wow! Women Under Construction is a must read! It’s a meditation and study book for every woman who desires to move forward in their walk with God.

You gave us wisdom nuggets that sparked our spirit and caused us to almost leap to the next level in God. It painted a picture that we can be all that God created us to be if we will just walk according to His word and declare His blessings in our lives no matter what we face. It also gave me a deeper understanding that every move I take should be directed toward God’s divine purpose for my life.

The reading was easy, and I loved the way you carried us over to the next chapter. It felt like I was talking a spiritual journey with you.
In addition to your book, I’ve been feeding on your Sunday morning supernatural messages. I may reside in Florida but the internet gives me the awesome opportunity to continually gain exposure to the anointing on your ministry.

Thank you for obeying God

JoeAnn Johnson

Woman Under Construction, was a blessing to my soul and spirit. I had forgotten about how ‘valuable’ I am to God. Pastor Linda truly hit several ‘major’ components to living life with real issues.”

Gwen Bolden-Smith, Body by Gwen Fitness

“When I read Woman Under Construction, I felt like Pastor Linda had written the book specifically for me. I found myself not being able to put it down. ‘The Blueprint’ was an eye-opener and I felt such an amazing connection with the book.”

Gayle Chambers, Member of LPCC

This book is a must have for every woman that has been beat-up, knocked-down, used-up and worn-out!

Tamika Bridgewater

A couple of days ago, I shared your book with a woman who is staying in our hotel for an extended stay.

She and her husband are going through a financial downfall: he is a professional entertainment artist and she is public relations, but they both have no jobs at the moment.

Right now, her husband’s brother is paying for their stay here with his credit card, as they began to share about their stay here with Kev and I. Then, the Holy Spirit said, “Loan her your book!” And of course, I didn’t want to because it was personally signed by you to me!

So, I wasn’t going to give it up. I would rather buy her a copy and give it to her. But the Sweet Spirit of God said, “She needs this now.”  She came back to me today and she is already on the third chapter! She doesn’t have the word to say how this book is shining a light on her mind! She says her husband has given her several books to read in the past. She says, “But the book you let me read is breaking up the hardness that was in my heart.”

Keep writing because you are changing the lives of women you may never know. But we know that a changed woman help makes a dynamic family.

JoeAnn Johnson


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