Woman Under Construction

Woman Under ConstructionHave you ever felt pain or loss so intense that you thought you would suffocate?

Daily, our families, finances, homes and hopes are being shattered and dismantled. You may have had some detours in life that have caused some shame, but that’s OK!

Woman Under Construction is your teaching manual for bouncing back from adversity.

Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I become a successful woman?”

Woman Under Construction is your journey to renewal, rejuvenation and renovation in every aspect of your life.  It provides the blueprint for reaching your purpose.

Are you still having flashbacks of anger, guilt, bitterness, forgiveness or regret?

Woman Under Construction empowers you with the tools to accept God’s forgiveness and healing and it teaches you how to forgive others.
It’s time to charge toward the giants in your life, and cut off their heads, once and for all. Each chapter will provide you with the arsenal in your hands to conquer, slay and destroy every dream killer that has been holding you back from succeeding.

Woman Under Construction Tool Book

In this workbook, you will be provided with key points of each chapter. You will have a time of reflection: brief exercises, along with a Weekly Memory Verse, Weekly Prayer, Weekly Action List for implementation, and conclude with our Weekly Character Building Block Word for you, the “Woman Under Construction.” This Tool Book will be our roadmap as we work together throughout this journey of renovation.


For additional information go to: www.womanunderconstruction.com


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