Designed for Purpose

When God fashions a woman after His design and she lives out her authentic self, He makes her so priceless that nobody can “buy” her. Listen, if a man can purchase you with extravagant gifts or with fancy, empty words, then perhaps you haven’t allowed God enough time to process you. What I place around my neck, or carry on my shoulder, does not define me. If you allow someone to buy you with compliments or charm, then you don’t understand your Master Designer. You have to examine your relationships, and ask the all-important question. Does this person add or take away from my purpose? Is he always looking at your flaws or complaining about decisions you have made? You may have nurtured a few unhealthy relationships for far too long. It’s time to clip the umbilical cord. Those associations have been draining you, feeding off your accomplishments, and depleting your energy. (Proverbs 4:25-27)

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