Bent Nails

Nails were scattered along the slabs of cement that we used as walkways. I saw straight and bent nails mixed in the dirt. I discovered still more nails hidden deeper under layers of dust and grime. Conversely, many of us are buried under iniquity! This “filth” bounds people from head-to-toe, and consists of jealousy, strife, bitterness, idolatry, fornication, and addiction of all sorts. Some of us are buried deeper in sin than others. Thankfully, God looks beyond our mess. He can reach out in time to raise us up – despite the difficulty. God doesn’t complain about how deep we’re covered, or how crooked we’ve become. The “hammer” or Word of God can straighten out any bent nail! You are made of the same material as “new nails” – fresh and right out of the box. God is saying, “I want to use you in my wall.”

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